Shoo Away

Is a battery operated fly repellent that is a 100% safe and non-toxic way of keeping flies off food.

Shoo Away Fly Repellent - By Barbecue

Home Use

Shoo Away is perfect for anywhere in the home where flies are being pests: Barbecues / Braais, Kids Parties, Pick-Nicks, Dinner Parties and food preparation areas.

Shoo Away Fly Repellent

Shoo Away

The ShooAway’s soft flexible blades are rotated by an energy efficient motor that comes to a soft stop if something blocks the blades, such as your food or hand. Shoo Away does not use any harmful chemicals, so is safe for use around food, drink, children and pets.

Shoo Away Fly Repellent - Catering Table

Commercial Use

Shoo Away keeps flies off of your food and in turn increases customers satisfaction. Perfect for Buffets, Restaurant Tables, Delis, Food Preparation Areas or Kitchens.